5 Different Ways To Get Sponsorships For Your YouTube Channel

Increasing revenue on YouTube can be very difficult. Luckily, there is one method of increasing revenue that doesn’t require you to significantly increase your view count, and that method is sponsorships. There are tons of different options for getting sponsorships on YouTube, and this article will cover just a few of the many options.


Famebit is, in my opinion, the best place to get sponsorships not only for YouTube but for Twitter, Instagram, and Vine as well. Famebit connects you, the content creator, with thousands of brands that want videos featuring their product or service and pay you for it.

To get a sponsorship through Famebit, it’s very simple. You first need to find a brand you want to work with. Whether you run a beauty channel, tech channel, gaming channel, or really any other channel type on YouTube, there will be a company that fits your style. After you’ve found this company or companies that you are interested in working with, you simple submit a proposal telling the company why your channel is a fit for their product. After that, it’s up to them to accept or deny your proposal.

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Content Blvd

Content Blvd or Content Boulevard is a site similar to Famebit in that it connects YouTubers to brands. Other than that however, the sites are quite different.

With Content Blvd, you don’t submit a proposal for products nor do you get additional revenue from reviewing the products available on Content Blvd. Don’t worry however, Content Blvd allows you to build brand relationships while geting free products to review. I know may content creators who have started out with a free review first and later moved onto paid reviews. To request products on Content Blvd, simple signup for the site, and and request any products you may be interested in reviewing! You may be surprised as to how many companies are interested.

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ChannelPages does things a little differently than the above two services. Instead of allowing you to reach out to brands, ChannelPages lets the brands find you.

When you signup for ChannelPages, you’ll give them some information about the kind of content you upload on your channel, and you’ll automatically be entered into their database of content creators. Then, when a company is interested in a channel of your type, ChannelPages will allow them to make you an offer. ChannelPages is a great passive way to get paid sponsorships for your channel.

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Grapevine is a lot like Famebit. Not only does it connect content creators with brands, it also allows you to give “pitches” to brands to pled your case as to why your channel fits their product. It also lets you add a price for the video. Thus, not only are you getting a free product or service you are also getting paid for the review/sponsorships.

Something that Grapevine has that Famebit doesn’t is a “recommended number of subscribers”. This is the amount of subscribers the brand has been looking for before working with a channel. This is extremely helpful especially for channels with less than 50,000 subscribers.

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Direct Sponsorship

Most of the above options require you to have a certain amount of subscribers before you can use their service. Luckily, even if you don’t meet the requirements for the above, you can still get sponsorships for your channel. To do this, you need to find companies that you are interested in working with. Then, find a way to contact the companies. Usually, you can find a “contact” page in the menu bar or footer of the companies website.

Once you’ve found the contact page, it’s time to make a pitch. It is VERY important that you do unique pitches for every company you contact as usually companies will ignore your request unless you have a very good and unique pitch. Somethings to mention in your pitch are why your channel is a perfect fit for the brand, how you can help the brand get more sales of their product, and what is going to set your video apart from larger content creators that brands could easily work with. If you do this, you’ll be sure in to get some direct sponsorships.

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